Dog Profiles


Arizona  is a 4 year old golden/lab cross.   She was bred for CCI trained for almost two years and then released.  She is a Pet Partner as well as a Therapy Dog for Cascade Service Dogs. 

Favorite Toy; A glow in the dark whistle ball

Favorite Activity; Chasing the ball, swimming and working

Favorite treat:  Popcorn


Bella is an eight year old rough collie/golden retriever mix. Bella came to live with us about a year ago. She is a beautiful girl who loves people of all ages and is great with other animals too. In the last  four months Bella has become a therapy dog with Pet Partners, earned her CGC and her first leg of Rally Obedience. We feel very fortunate that she came into our lives. 



Danny Boy

My 4 year old yellow lab Danny Boy and I have been Pet Partners for 2 years. We visit St. Joseph’s hospital, Adult Day Health, Mt. Baker Care Center and WWU during finals week. We are looking forward to many years of therapy visits in our community!


This is Ducky she is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. Ducky has been a Whatcom Therapy Dog for 1 year. Ducky loves going to Elementary schools and listening to children read books to her. When Ducky is not  at school she also loves chasing a ball at the beach. 


We were told George was born in October, 2005. Since he is all black with a very small white spot on his left hind quarter we decided October 31, 2005 would be a great day for his birthday. He was at the Whatcom Human Society Shelter when we found him in January 2006. His exact breed is unknown, he does resemble the Flat Coated Retriever and loves to fetch. We knew immediately he was our new family member, as we knelt by his kennel he just sat there unlike all the other dogs who barked and ran around, George just watched us. In addition to being a Pet Partner since 2008 he also is a American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen dog. George has participated in Agility and Rally competitions and really enjoys learning new things. He loves the water and loves to catch a stick, ball or frisbee. Actually there is not much George doesn't love. George has extensive experience visiting many different places such as Shriners Hospital Burn Unit, Galveston, TX and Shriners Hospital Orthopedic Unit, Houston, TX, numerous Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care Homes, PP/Delta booths, various schools-Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Universities and Boys and Girls Club. George loves meeting people and will do anything for a cookie.


Halley lives is our Canadian therapy dog member who loves to visit Western Washington University!


Henry is a 7 year old Goldendoodle, who loves people, but can be a little shy. He loves settings where he can "play" with folks. His favorite things are catching his ball, or sock if indoors, and using his nose to find hidden scents. Of course he loves being petted, especially around the ears. Once he knows a facility, he gets very excited when he returns the next time. He "talks" a little too much sometimes, but since he is smiling while talking, people are not worried. He is a pretty good boy who knows several words, and a few tricks, too.


We call Inca our American Street Dog as she was found running the city street at 6 weeks of age. By 10 weeks of age, I adopted her from SPOT (Savings Pets One at a Time). Shortly after, Inca and I started working with a trainer. Inca showed a great love for all people, being too social at times, having visited many homes in our neighborhood uninvited. She thinks if a door is open, why not check things out! By age 3, she successfully passed the therapy dog evaluation. In addition to her therapy work with Pet Partners, Inca attends dog daycare and has participated in agility and nose work classes and loves to hike. She is now 6 1/2 and continues to enjoy her therapy work. At home, she has a “brother” Domino, an American Shelter Dog from Whatcom Humane Society, and 3 calico kitty cats, Phoenix, Towhee & Skittles.


            Jack is a 2 year old Golden doodle.  I have his mother, Punkin.  Jack is #5 of a litter of 11 pups.  He has always been different from the others, very calm and laid back.  I knew he was a special dog.  As a new Therapy Team, we have made visits to assisted living  homes. We are looking forward to working with children. Once Jack determines where his niche is, we will focus our visits there.  In his off time, Jack enjoys playing in the water and spending quiet time with his Kong.



This is Jigi , aka Jigi-Piggy or The Jigster or Jigs or Mr. Pigster. He is the alpha of our family, the class clown, the inquisitive and vivacious leader of the pack. Never met a ball he didn't like. Never left as much as a molecule of food in his dish. Never turned his nose up at a scratch. His tail is in permanent wag mode. He's happy and cooperative and handsome. Homecoming King, that's my Jigs.


Jonas is the third Great Pyrenees I've used as a pet therapy dog, mainly my special education classroom.  He is a rescue, who was found running along a road in California, eventually moved to a rescue in this area and then on to a Great Pyrenees rescue associated with my own Pyrenees club.  He has been with us for 8 months and loves nothing more than to be petted and loved.  He is a very low key guy and is proving to be an excellent pet therapy dog.  We are looking forward to some different opportunities this summer when I am not teaching. 



Oscar is a 131/2 year old rescued Australian Shepherd. He has been a member of our family for over 12 years, and a therapy dog for almost 10 years. 

He enjoys hiking, the snow, and playing tag. He has a little brother at home that he is teaching how to be a good dog and eventually a great therapy dog.


Pongo is an 10 year old male. He was a "Guide Dogs for the Blind" puppy, but did not quite make it. He had a career change and started as a therapy dog at a year and a half. He loves raspberries and mints. His favorite toy is a jolly ball that he plays tug with. When not visiting with people Pongo is a recreational nosework canine.


Sheyna was found on a lonely, dusty road in Eastern Washington.  She was hungry, thirsty and very thin.  A family took her in and waited 7 days for someone to claim her...there was no one :(  NOAH in Stanwood tested her personality and found her to be sweet, kind and very calm. The people at NOAH  brought her to Western Washington where Jan and Jerry Hemme were looking for a dog just like her.  So she moved into a loving home on 5 acres of forest and green fields to play on.


Sophie comes from a shelter in Mineral Wells, TX. She and her litter mates were born in the woods and wandered up to a kind house that took everyone in providing the whole family with shelter and food. Thank goodness for nice people. Sophie was born on January 30, 2007. She is an AKC CGC, has participated in Agility and Rally competitions and is a registered Pet Partner (Delta Society). Sophie has visited numerous nursing homes, personal care homes, Shriners Burn Unit, Galveston, TX and Shriners Orthopedic Unit, Houston, TX, assisted living facilities, Boys and Girls Clubs, Elementary School and WWU. Sophie loves to run in the woods and is able to climb a tree without any problem. She has the ability to project herself straight up in the air it’s pretty awesome to watch. Sophie especially likes to have her tummy rubbed.


Tommy "Tom Tom" is a 6 year old Golden Retriever who has been a therapy dog for 5 years with Pet Partners. His Uncle Tanner was his role model; he was a therapy dog for 7 years before him! Tom LOVES everybody and is usually very mellow, but does have trouble when there is food around. He's pretty much a beggar 24/7! But we forgive him because he does so much good work. Tom loves seeing groups in psychiatric settings, students in any and all schools and age groups, nursing homes, and hospitals. Recently, we joined the crisis response team with the Bellingham School District. Being a part of Whatcom Therapy Dogs means Tom will be busy with all kinds of new meaningful jobs! His free time is best spent at the dog park getting as muddy as possible!


This is Zuzu. He was born on my birthday in 2005. Quite a talented fellow with titles in Agility, tracking, rally, obedience, therapy and herding. He's working toward a Nosework title as well. He is very sensitive and gentle, loves children, elderly people, special needs people. He is the personification of sweetness.