About Us

Whatcom Therapy Dogs (WTD)

We are an organization in Whatcom County, Washington that represents volunteer Therapy Dog teams in good standing with their registry organizations. We help connect teams with settings that could use a friendly canine visit for play or just hugs.  Our services are free, but dog biscuits are welcome! Dogs in our group are fit, healthy, clean and safe for interactions with humans of all ages. Our dogs come in all sizes, shapes and breeds to match your needs.

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Can your organization benefit from visits with Therapy Dogs?

Positive interaction with animals can lower anxiety and stress, reduce blood pressure, and stimulate release of endorphins – to make people feel better and less isolated. Smiling improves human health and well-being!

Populations and Sites benefitting from our service

Adult and Youth Activities

Behavioral and Mental Health

Nursing and Assisted Living

Literacy programs

Campus visits during Finals week